Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spiritual Vacuum

There was a talk by a mualaf at surau just now. This is his first series of four. He talked about the reasons he revert to Islam. It is good he used the word ‘revert’ instead of ‘convert’…and by the way he is previously a dubious slave of Christian, Roman Catholic. Instead of proud, I’m also jealous because sometimes it looks like he understands Islam better than mine.

There are up to forty people in that surau… and sadly there were only five Malays and the rest was foreigners, mostly black guys. Quite funny because Q&A / discussion session is longer then time taken for the speech. Alhamdulillah, all of us seem to be very interested on that topic. It is a short speech, only 15 minutes I think, but a very good speech by him anyway.

It is quite interesting when he says about ‘spiritual empty’ and sometimes he used term ‘spiritual vacuum’. The emptiness that he felt in his previous religion. And I’m sure that this emptiness is happens not only for the non-muslim, but also for the muslim itself. Yes, when we abandon the rules in Islam, making too much mistakes and less repent…we will falling down into this emptiness, dark space maybe. Scary huh!

When we feel that emptiness, we can’t just leave it like that. We must quickly fill it with something. But what is suit best for ‘something’? I’m sure that the best thing to fill inside is God. Yes, fill the empty space in your heart with God. Do not quickly rely on others when you have problem. Find God first and He will surely help you.

p/s: can’t wait to hear his speech again tomorrow. I hope I’ll be available at that time = )

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